JAKE SPN Front Axle Stabilizer(JAXLSTBS)

With the JAKE SPN Front Axle Stabilizer, a front axle oscillation and suspension can be locked by hydraulic cylinders in any position the axle happens to be when turning on the Stabilizer. The JAKE SPN Front Axle Stabilizer significantly increases the stability of a tractor. The Stabilizer is locked by an electric valve and the lock function can be connected to a handbrake so the Stabilizer works automatically. Moreover, the JAKE SPN Front Axle Stabilizer can be locked by an override-switch so it is possible to lock the axle while the tractor is moving. In the off-positionthe Stabilizer does not make the axle movements slower nor limited. The JAKE SPN Front Axle Stabilizer is also available for a front loader tractor and for a front linkage tractor.

JAKE Axle Stabilizer, brochure (pdf)
JAKE Axle Stabilizer, photo album