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Valtra N3

The JAKE Armourfor Valtra N3-series protects the basis of the cabin, the fuel and AdBlue tanks and possibly existing air tanks. In case of need to protect the basis of the engine and the front cardan shaft, the Armour Plate can be completed with theJAKE Engine Armour (JMP). A front loader or a front linkage does not prevent from mounting the Armours nor the Aid Frame.

See the JAKE Forest Tank 167 L + Armour as an alternative solution
and theJAKE ForestTank vs. JAKE Armour Comparison, N3 (pdf)
JAKE Valtra N3 Armour, photo album

Valtra N3 HiTech, Versu, Direct
when 230-litre plastic fuel tank

TheJAKE Armour(JPPT3) is mounted to theJAKE Aid Frame, so if the tractor is not equipped with theJAKE Mounting Kitor theJAKE Front Linkage, theArmour must be ordered together with theAid Frame(JPPT3AR).



Valtra N3 HiTech, Versu, Direct
when 150-litre steel fuel tank

TheJAKE Armour(JPPT2) is mounted without theJAKE Aid Frame sothe sameArmour(JPPT2) fitswith or without theJAKE Mounting Kitor theJAKE Front Linkage.




JAKE Engine Armour JMP

Valtra N3,HiTech, Versu, Direct

TheJAKE Engine Armour(JMP) for Valtra N3-series protects the oil sump and the front cardan andis fastened to the tractor frame.