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JAKE Front Linkage

The JAKE Front Linkage provides a durable connection between a tractor and an implement. Choosing the JAKE Front Linkage keeps you away from repair shops.

According to professional users, the JAKE Front Linkage is the best, if not the only, solution for professional snow work and other heavy pushing work. The JAKE Front Linkage is tailored to your needs so you only have to pay for the functions you really need.

JAKE Front Linkage, brochure (pdf)
Valtra N1, JAKE Front Linkage + Mounting Kit + Forest Tank, 3D-picture (pdf)
JAKE Front Linkage, photo album


The main features of the JAKE Front Linkage are the following:

  • designed for heavy pushing work as snow work, earth moving, etc.

  • long aid frame to the rear axle strengthens and protects the tractor frame

  • "ladder-build" arm unit endures lateral hits caused by ploughs, blades, etc.

  • adjustable arm width eases connecting various types of 3-point implements

  • double upper link ensures reliability and durability, yet a standard single upper link is also usable

  • short arm unit takes implements closer to the tractor than front linkages usually do, considerably improving the directional stability of the machine

  • small diameter cylinders keep all front linkage joints safe

  • lift force 3000-5000 kg depending on a tractor model

  • JAKE Quick Coupler allows a quick attachment connection

We offer several types of JAKE Front Linkage with various outfits and optional equipment depending on customers' requirements and the model of the tractor.