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JAKE Finland Oy is a family-run company located in Lappajarvi, western Finland, near the lake of the same name. The lake was formed by a meteorite crash about 77 million years ago. The history of our company does not reach quite so far, but still to the 1950's, when the local blacksmith Eero Uusimaki built the first smithy at the place and started working with steel.

Nowadays we design, produce and sell special equipmentsuch as mounting kits for cranes and diggers, front linkages for agricultural tractors.

JAKE Products, brochure (pdf)


We have been developing the JAKE Mounting Kits since 1987, being the leading manufacturer of this sector in Finland since 1994. JAKE Mounting Kitrange includes also other forestry equipmentsuch as armour plates, boom supports, hydraulic support legs, front axle stabilizers and forest fuel tanks. Around 75 % of these products are being exported out of Finland.

JAKE Front Linkage

Front Linkages have been in our product range since 1994. The main focus in designing the JAKE Front Linkage has been in heavy pushing work, yet not forgetting agricultural needs. JAKE Front Linkage range includes different quick couplers for fast implement connection, hydraulic upper links and other options. At present, Finland is the main market area for the JAKE Front Linkages.