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JAKE Forest Tank + Armour

Valtra N4/N5

The JAKE Forest Tank + Armour has been designed to be mounted instead of the original plastic fuel tank of Valtra N4/N5-series. The JAKE Forest Tank consists of a steel tank, stainless steel AdBlue tank, armour for the right side, armour for the battery case and armour for the bottom.

The JAKE Forest Tank does not demand the presence of the aid frame of the JAKE Mounting Kit like other JAKE Armours mostly do, but naturally all JAKE Mounting Kits, JAKE Front Linkages, etc. are compatible with the JAKE Forest Tank.

The capacity of the JAKE Forest Tank is 255 litres plus 31 litres AdBlue (N4 MR19 and N5) or 218 litres plus 28 litres AdBlue (N4 MR18)and the delivery includes new ladders designed especially for forest use. The JAKE Forest Tank is also available for the tractor with a front loader, front linkage, cabin suspension, front axle suspension and a compressed air unit. A smooth bottom shape without any appendages giving the best ground clearance and a full cabin base protection provided by the JAKE Forest Tank is completed with the JAKE Engine Armour which must be ordered with the JAKE Forest Tank.

JAKE Forest Tank JTANKN4, Mounting of fuel meter sensor (pdf)
JAKE Forest Tank Valtra N4, photo album