JAKE Mounting Kit

The JAKE Mounting Kit provides an effective, quick and safe solution to mount a forestry crane, a loading crane or a digger on a tractor. The connection between a tractor and a crane, or a tractor and a digger, is fixed but releasing the tractor for other tasks is still easy and fast.

The JAKE Mounting Kit comprises of the Aid Frame reinforcing the tractor frame, Sleeve Units bolted on the top of the rear axle and the Crane Part mounted to the crane or to the digger.

The JAKE set includes all necessary parts and bolts so that a customer can install the JAKE Mounting Kit even by himself. 

JAKE Mounting Kit, brochure (pdf)
JAKE Selection guide (pdf)

Disconnecting crane from tractor
JAKE Demonstration, photo album


- JAKE 350, 350 HD, 354 HD for 3-point fastened cranes
- JAKE 600, 800, 900804, 904, 900 Tilt, 904 Tilt for flange fastened cranes
- JAKE 800 LC, 900 LC, 804 LC, 904 LC for truck mounted loading cranes
- JAKE 350 DG, 350 DGHD354 DGHD for diggers