JAKE Armours

JAKE Armours have been designed for protecting the basis of the tractor against different damage during forest work. In the presence of a plastic fuel tank, a battery box and a compressed air unit, the JAKE Armour provides a reliable protection for all of them. The protection can be completed with a JAKE Engine Armour which covers the front axle cardan and oil sump.

The JAKE Armour improves runnability and maneuverability of the tractor in the forest, turning a tractor bottom into a flat, smooth surface. For little service works, such as changing oil filters, there are some shutters in the Armour.

The JAKE Armours are mainly fastened to the Aid Frame of the JAKE Mounting Kit. If a tractor is not equipped with the JAKE Mounting Kit, the Aid Frame must be ordered together with the JAKE Armour.

JAKE Armour Selection Table (pdf)
JAKE Armour, brochure (pdf)

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