Valtra/Valmet 6xx0-8xx0,
1991 - w12/2005

Valtra Mezzo-/Mega-series has one filter behind the right rear axle. The filter must be moved upper and toward center to get JAKE Sleeve Unit mounted on the axle. JAKE Mounting Kit includes necessary fastener.

Moving the filter, 6000-6400, 8000, -91...-99 (no HiTech)


Moving the filter, 6600-6900, 8100-8950 (no HiTech)


Some Valtra/Valmet-models has a bit different looking filter fastener than 2000's models from which the picture was taken. Principle is the same, the filter moves upper and toward center. Original hose are not needed to replace.

Cabin preparing


Valtra's mudguard (above the axle) must be cut so that JAKE Sleeve Unit fits on place. There are two cuttings on the picture: from above the axle forward and from above the axle back-upward. One bolt of the service hatch stays behind JAKE Sleeve Unit so remove the bolt to open the hatch later without dismounting a sleeve unit. On the right side there is also a strenghthening profile which must be shortened. Check after mounting that the cabin parts don't touch JAKE parts. (The picture was taken of 2000's Valtra which has a different rear axle than 1990's models. Instructions are valid also for 1990's tractors.)

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