General mounting instructions of
JAKE Mounting kit

JAKE Mounting kit is easy to fit. You don't need any special skills, or tools, to do it. If you have a front loader, you have to join JAKE kit to a frame of front loader which sometimes requires using a welding machine.


The most important thing of mounting JAKE kit is, that the left and the right sleeve units will be parallel. Also the mechanical touch of the sleeve unit and the aid frame is very important. For both of those things, there are some fitting plates in the package of JAKE kit.


General photo of one tractor model and its sleeve unit and aid frame's rear end.

Using fitting plates between sleeve unit and axle


It's important to use fitting plates to get sleeves parallel on the right and the left side. Very often rear axles are not parallel so it must be checked while mounting JAKE kit. On the photo above you can see the fitting plates between the axle and the ruler. In this case the same thickness of fitting plate must be used also between the axle's rear edge and the sleeve unit so that the sleeves will be parallel.

Using fitting plates between sleeve unit and aid frame


Mount the sleeve unit on the axle and use the fitting plates if needed. Mount also the aid frame and tighten the sleeve unit's bolts around the axle. At the same tighten also the bolts of the front end of the aid frame. Before tightening the bolts between the sleeve unit and the aid frame there may not be more gap than 2-3 mm between the sleeve unit and the aid frame. If there is a bigger gab you must use fitting plates also there. After tightening the bolts between the sleeve unit and the aid frame they must have contact to each other.

JAKE and front loader on the same tractor

Check if there is a special guide for your tractor


Replace the front loader's extension, which goes to the rear axle, with JAKE aid frame. Joint the aid frame's front end to the frame of front loader. In some tractor models the joint must be done by welding but in some cases there is a bolt joint. Usually this welding doesn't effect to any service work later so you don't need to hesitate welding.

Read the tractor's manual regarding on welding work!