JAKE D114 Digger

JAKE D114 is sold out!

JAKE D114 is an effective digger connected to tractors with the JAKE Mounting Kit. The electrically controlled hydraulics of the JAKE D114 together with the new JAKE-locking of the JAKE Mounting Kit allows very fast connecting and disconnecting of the digger.

JAKE D114 Digger, brochure (pdf)
JAKE D114 Digger, photo album


Basically, the JAKE D114 uses the hydraulics of the tractor. For fluent use the tractor pump should make around 80 litres of oil per minute at 180-200 bar. The maximum oil pressure for the JAKE D114 is 230 bar which is possible to obtain with a PTO pump. The PTO pump set also includes an oil tank integrated into the JAKE D114 frame and an oil cooler. The pump produces 100 litres/min at 1500 rpm of an engine speed.


The hydraulic valve of the JAKE D114 is the electrically controlled Bucher HDS34. All the sections are proportional. The MiniStick joysticks are small and easy to install to the armrests of the seat.